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Post-Anime North 2012

Tue May 29, 2012, 9:49 AM
Hey guys!!!!! Anime North has ended this Sunday and I've finally recovered from the lack of sleep that came with it HAHAHA (I SLEPT LIKE 12 + 10 HOURS)

The Harvest Moon doujinshi was sold out early Sunday morning, much to my pleasant surprise!! QwQ Thank you everyone who bought a copy OTL OTL thanks so much even though my story is extremely cheesy and my friends laughed at it CRAI CRAI

Anyway for those who are still interested in getting a copy of the harvest moon doujinshi, since it sold so well at AN, my book partner agreed to sell them online and at Anime Expo/AX if I order in a few more copies! \O/

So for now we're ordering in another 15 copies or something haha... she will only be receiving the copies by end of June (for AX), but she's now accepting reservations on the reprints 8'D Then we'll know how much reprints to order for online people and AX! \o/

Feel free to note :iconminjii: or email her at razirune(at) to make a reservation! QuQ


I had all of my spending money stolen on the first day.


So it totally made me super depressed since I lost a lot of money (also the thief didn't leave any money for me to even afford food) and I wasn't able to buy much this year! QAQ

But all of my friends and some past customers/fellow artists I've met at AN offered to buy or gave me food, which really touched me!! QAQ My friends bought me lunch and dinner too until I found my wallet back and was able to use my debit card OTL thank you all so much, you're all way too nice Q////A////Q :heart: Thanks to everyone, I totally cheered up and enjoyed the con to the fullest, despite not having money to spend! You guys are the best, words can't describe sob

So besides the money fiasco, this year was really different in a good way! There were a ton more people and a lot of customers, which recognized the majority of my obscure series on my table WOAAAAH /IMPRESSED That really made my day when people were recognizing 999/Hakuoki/Devil Survivor 2!

Here's my table setup on Sunday with my partner :icontenkomi: working on commissions behind 8'D LOOK AT OUR HOBO DISPLAY...I SWEAR IT PLAYED OUT BETTER IN MY HEAD

and the mess behind our table meant we couldn't move much, couldn't find merch as quickly or easily whenever someone bought something, and that I spent most of the con standing instead of sitting lmao

But it was really awesome since I sold out of all my Harvest Moon books and DS2 posters! ;u;

In fact there were even Devil Survivor 2 cosplayers!!

and an amazingly huge S*S cosplay group WHICH I TOTALLY DIED FROM FANGIRL FEELS OF

MY SWAGGGGGGGGG (not much since my money was stolen so fast)

AHH IT WAS AMAZING. Thank you everyone who visited my obscure series table (with the really pathetic saggy display)!! I had an amazing time with my awesome partner :icontenkomi: who had to put up with my constant yakking and fangirling with practically every customer, my obscenely messy merch and when I knocked over the display stand and it hit her square in the head SOB IM SO SORRY

Thank you everyone for a wonderful AN2012! Also, hi to everyone who's visiting my dA due to AN!! ;u;

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